Less erosion.
More airtime.

Commercial airlines rely on improved aircraft and engine technologies to increase earnings, efficiency and safety. 

Whether legacy or new engine platforms, our coatings protect critical compressor airfoils against erosion and corrosion allowing the compressor system to maintain its efficiency.

  • OEM trusted

    MDS Coating is qualified by all major OEMs. Our coatings protect millions of airfoils for commercial airline fleets around the world.

  • Reduce fuel consumption

    Our coatings help customers reduce fuel consumption, saving up to 1.5% in SFC.

  • Lower maintenance costs

    Coating compressor blades significantly increase the life of parts, reducing maintenance costs and part replacement costs.

  • Maintain EGT Margins

    Maintaining the airfoil geometry and surface finish maintains compressor efficiency and EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) margins.

  • Lower emissions

    Our coatings maintain engine efficiency which lowers fuel consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact.

MDS Coating is OEM qualified and currently operating in commercial airline fleets around the world.

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