The power to protect

Erosion and corrosion caused by particulate ingestion, inlet fogging, compressor washes, and wet compression reduces the efficiency and power output of industrial gas turbine engines. 

Our coatings save energy producers fuel, lowers emissions and decreases operational downtime.

  • Protection from the ground up

    Our coating technologies protect compressor blades against fluid erosion caused by inlet fogging, compressor washes and wet compressor systems.

  • Retain power

    Retain power by maintaining airfoil geometry, surface finish and reducing fouling.

  • Reduce repairs and overhaul costs

    Reduce the need to repair or replace expensive compressor airfoils.

  • Decrease fuel consumption

    Protecting compressor blades from abrasive particles and water droplets allows industrial gas turbines to maintain performance, maximize efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption.

  • Lower emissions

    Our unique coating technology protects against fluid and particle erosion which maximizes compressor efficiency leading to a reduction in carbon.

Protect your compressor with BlackGold and maximize your engine performance.

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