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When the men and women in uniform are called to serve, our coatings help them respond quickly and complete the mission, in any environment. Highly erosive arid and corrosive maritime environments significantly deteriorate gas turbine compressors and engine performance.

Our advanced coatings have been applied to military aircraft for decades and significantly increased engine time-on-wing, increased aircraft readiness and availability, improved safety-of-flight, decreased fuel consumption, maintenance and operational costs.

  • Increase aircraft readiness

    When duty calls, our coating technologies provide warfighters with the confidence that a coated engine allows them to successfully complete the mission.

  • Increased engine time-on-wing

    Data from the same in-theatre operations, confirmed that the U.S. Military’s CH-53 helicopter engines coated with our technology operated on-wing for approximately 10X longer than uncoated engines.

  • Reduce maintenance and fuel costs

    Maintaining the efficiency of helicopter engines decreases fuel consumption by up to 5% and increases engine time-on-wing by 10X.

  • Keep our soldiers safe

    Harsh operational environments erode compressor airfoils. This jeopardizes the ability to successfully complete a mission. Our coating removed a safety-of-flight risk on CH-46 helicopter engines and kept the men and women who protect us safe.

Our ER-7® coating has saved the USMC’s CH-53 helicopter fleet up to $8 million per aircraft per year.

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