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Operation in maritime environments and exposure to other corrosive elements can affect engine efficiency, maintenance and operational costs, and safe operations of gas turbines.

Our BlackGold® coating is meticulously designed to provide long lasting erosion and corrosion protection.

24 hours


Corrosion after 24 hours in salt fog

336 hours

BlackGold® Coated

No corrosion after 336 hours in salt fog

Performance Test

The BlackGold® advantage

After 2 weeks in an aggressive and accelerated corrosive environment (per ASTM B117), the BlackGold® coating demonstrates significant advantages in corrosion protection.

Because the BlackGold® coating combines both erosion and corrosion resistant properties, the coating continues to provide corrosion protection long after typical corrosion only coatings are eroded away.

Our BlackGold® coating contains properties that provide long lasting corrosion protection.

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